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Andre's Amazon Party Supplies!

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PLEASE NOTE:  I have created a new page for greeting cards ad invitation not specifically related to MY parties.

Greeting Cards & Party Invitations:

     If you are interested in purchasing any of the Local area Party Invitations here or in special ordering any, Please contact Barbara A Huggins at:  The quickest and easiest way is E-mail (checked 4+ times a day)  OR you could call (720) 495-2651
     Keep in mind that ALL invitations on this page are available for LOCAL Dever Metro area Birthdays ...only.  These invitations are for parties which will feature the Andre's Amazon Reptiles as entertainment.

     ANY of my Cards & Invitations may be purchased for: 
$1.00 each, 
15 for $12.50 (+2.00 for shipping),
25 for $17.50 (+3.00 for shipping) 
     All "Invitations" will come with all of your party information on them, all you will have to do is address the envelopes add postage and mail them out to your guests!
     Please notify me far enough ahead of time for me to get them to you and you to get them out to your guests! 
     The fee for the invitations must be paid in full in advance although the entertainement, and any other party items purchased from me, need not be paid for until the time of the party so long as they are hand delivered at the time of the party.  :)

Andre's Amazon Exclusive Invitations!:

     The box below contains an example of how the inside of the party invitations is laid out.  When you order the invitations I will need to know the birthday childs name, the time your party starts and ends at, and the name and number you would like them to call to RSVP and the date you would like them to RSVP by.  I will then add all that information in and print the invitations off for you.  While the box shows blue and white that is not accurate there is no color to the cards at all, they are black on cream.
    Also Slither on over is only applicable to cards with the Boa on the front, different animals get a different greeting above the party information.

Slither on over to ( B-day child's name) Party!

Featuring Live Reptiles!
000 Party Lane

Anyday SomeMonth ADate



Please call:
to RSVP by:

Lady (000)000-0000

Month Date


     Below are some photos of additional art work available for party invitations!