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Colorado Native Species Information

     I do not have, and do not keep and do not
even work with any venomous animals.
     Also any animals that the City I live in
has listed as being illegal to keep in said
City I do not keep in said City.  Any animals
illegal by size or by species that I work with
are kept in other Cities or in unincorporated
areas where said animals are not illegal to

     IF you are within the Denver metro are ad need me to come out and identify a snake, or pick up and relocate one for you:
1)  Please insure that the animal is contained so it will actually be there when i arrive to get is (in a place where it is not going to cooook in the sun).
2)  Please cover my gas money there and back.
3)  Call me and if necessary leave me a voice mail I will return your call and arrange to get directions to coem and relocate the animal as soon as possible.
(720) 495-2651
ALSO if you have any other reptile or amphibian you have found lose that you need identified, feel might need treatmet for injuries...or want me to come get or come identify...please call me and reimburse me for my fuel there andback and insire the animal is safely contianed in a location in the shade till I can get it!

This section is about reptile and amphibian species native to Colorado.

I encourage you to print copies of my brochure featuring the venomous species of Colorado created by Andre's Amazon for easy identification purposes. It is imperative that you print this brochure in COLOR; otherwise correct identification of these similar looking species will be very uncertain.



The above is a brochure on the venomous species of Colorado created by Andre's Amazon for easy identification purposes. Please be sure to ONLY print this brochure in COLOR, since otherwise correct identification of these similar looking species will be very uncertain.

     I have received a lot of phone calls from across the area for several years about identifying native species. Many of them have been from people thinking they have discovered corn snakes. They have all been identified as Bull snakes however. Due to having had mass fires for the past couple of years, all of the building going on across the area and the extremely dry weather, many of the animals which snakes feed on have been moving further into human inhabited areas, and the snakes are following their food. Please look at these pictures to help you identify the animals you may be seeing near your home.

Below is a photo of a young bull snake. This photo was sent to me for identification, and is a good photo showing the markings of the species well.



      Below are some photos of a Prairie Rattle snake. If you compare the markings between the bull snake above and the rattle snake below you will notice that there are a lot of similarities in marking shape. However there are also differences. Look at the color of the markings on the face, and notice the overall body colorations of both animals. The rattle snakes on the whole are more white to off white with brown to black markings, while the bull snakes are pale yellow to medium yellow with tan, brown, almost red brown to black markings.

     Even in cases where a rattle is absent in a rattle snake (which can happen if it is very young, or if the rattle has been cut or torn off) they have a blunt thick ended tail. Bul snakes on the other hand have a narrow or thing tail which ends in a very sharp point