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Andre's Amazon Party Supplies!

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     I do not have, and do not keep and do not
even work with any venomous animals.
     Also any animals that the City I live in
has listed as being illegal to keep in said
City I do not keep in said City.  Any animals
illegal by size or by species that I work with
are kept in other Cities or in unincorporated
areas where said animals are not illegal to

Birthday Parties, Classroom Presentations (Public , Private, Home School groups, Pre-school and Day Care), Library Programs, Scouting Events (Girl and Boy), Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, Special Events and Festivals...

     Serving the Denver Metro area since 1996!

Special Thanks to all the following people!:

ANDRE'S AMAZON would like to thank Denver Public Schools Community Rescource, Metro State College, Girl Scouts Mile High Council, D.L. Entertainment, and the Colorado Herpetological Society. 
     ANDRE'S AMAZON would also like to thank Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald and all the staff at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital for all they have done and continue to do to help me to help these animals when they come to my home ill and injured.
     ANDRE'S AMAZON would also like to extend a special thanks to the one person without whom none of this would have come to be.  Kim Giacchino, former Science Teacher for Timberline Elementary School in the Cherry Creek School District.  When we first moved here to Colorado it was Kim, at that time my youngest daughter's science teacher who not only gave me encouragement and contact with Tom Walsh (to become a very dear friend), but who also set me up for an entire day at her school and then later brought me and the animals back several times for science nights at the school.  She also gave me contact and strong references with the Denver YMCA's helping get even more programs booked through them for their Summer Camps.  Kim later moved out of State with her family.  It is our dearest hope (mine and the animals) that she and her familly are doing even better in their new home.  Thank you Kim you made a huge difference and will never be forgotten by us.