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Andre's Amazon Party Supplies!

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PARTY: Masks #7: Tree Spirits!

(720) 495-2651

  Durable craft foam animal faces party masks!  These masks can also be used to decorate for parties or to decorate childrens rooms...  Each mask will be hand made and hand painted so no 2 will be completely identical!
     If you are looking for masks of a particular creature, that I do not have here, please let me know and I will try to get that up ASAP so you can see if you want any of them.

 All the masks,  are $5.00 each.  I do offer a discount fo purchases of 15 masks or more.  If you order 15 or more masks, each one will be $3.00.  

     These prices do not include shiping outside the Denver Metro area or hand delivery within the Denver Metro area. 
     IF you order them for a Party featuring Andre's Amazon Reptiles for your entertainment within the Denver Metro area there will be no delivery charge IF they are delivered at the time of the party. 
     Ordering information:  
1)  Please allow at least 1 weeks time for me to make and paint the masks you are ordering.  If your order is to be delivered at the time of a party i am the entertainment for there will be no additional time required for delivery, other wise allow tiem for the poatal system to get it to your location from mine. 
2)  If you are ordering from masks of a type or design  no already shown here, then please allow another 3 days to order tiem to insure I have time to get the design to fill the order.
3)  If you are ordering masks which I do not currently have already designed I wil need at least 1 week to get the designs made and then the masks made from them.
 4)  If I am hand delivering your order to a party where I am providng the entertainment for they will arrive with me 15-30 minutes before my portion of the party begins.
5)  If you are outside the Denver metro area please allow plenty of time for them to be shipped.  I will be happy to ship them in whatever class and speed you are willing to pay for in advance. Because they are very light weight shipping should be very reasonable.