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Due to losing my room mate I can not afford to license to legally keep the animals at my home, nor to accept any animals in need of new homes.  If you would like to help me so that I can be there legally for these animals please feel free to donate through the PayPal button at the top of my home page.  It costs $300.00 a year to license for this.  It will also allow me to legally pet sit and board animals to bring in more money as well. 
Thank you so much for your generosity.
All donators will be recognized on this page as heroes or heroines!

     Some Heroes and Heroines are sung of loud and clear for all to see and all to hear, other Heros and Heroines must in name remain Un-sung lest they come to harm from the very blindness that some laws are made of.  HERE we will recognize although some without names being mentioned.

     What is a Hero?  Someone  who cares enough to make a difference.  A Hero need not be of a particular species either.

     In the beginning there Parents believe it or not.  :)
1)  Nancy and Daniel Murphy who taught me to do what needs to be done, never dreaming that would mean saving an Anaconda and trying to teach other people not to fear them.  My father was actually a bit phobic about snakes.
2)  Benjimin M Huggins (Benji), my x-husband, who got me Andre for our first Anniversary.  He also helped cover my costs for business cards, and other things as I tried to set up back in Arkansas, and was always there in moral support too.
3)  Andre, my first Green Anaconda, the one who inspired me to start all of this.  The one who I promised to keep the dream alive, the dream of helping people learn not to fear snakes and just kill them, but to respect them, and admire them.
4)  Kim Giacchino, the science teacher from Timberline Elementary school who got me hooked up with people who knew about animals who needed homes, and people who wanted educational programs.
5)  Tom Walsh, one of those people Kim hooked me up with.  Tom is the man who helped me get Doc Savage, and then later gave me Swamp Thing.  Tom is a wizard with Chameleons, and that is hard to be.
6)  Peggy Kilker, the nice lady in charge of sending out information to the Cherry Creek school about various interesting educational programs they can bring in for the kids.  Peggy was another of the neat people Kim told me about.  She was very helpful until a new safety officer took over who has a mis perception about live animals in the schools being unsafe.
7)  Kim Wiley,  whom I met because my room mate spotted a small article in the news paper about her having animals that needed to be adopted.  Kim ran A-Z Critter Rescue.  I went to adopt a couple of her turtles, and rescued one out of the middle of the road on the way there.  Kim and I became good friends for years.
8)  Dr Kevin Fitzgerald, "Uncle Kevin" when I asked Kim who she recommended as a good vet in my area the first name she mentioned was Kevin.  I tested him by taking in an elderly Green Basilisk who didn't like anyone, and turned out liking him.  :)  He passed.  He has the most perfect bedside manner with the animals I have ever seen.
9) The Colorado Herpetological Society (CHS), who had a breeder show and drew in the Department of Agriculture guy Scott Leach.  These folks have helped a lot of reptiles find new homes and helped a lot of people learn about them over the years, and will continue to do so.
10)  Scott Leach, the nice guy who explained everything to me does the inspections and is the guy who helped me know what I needed to do to be licensed to run a rescue and shelter in Colorado.
11)  Denver Public Schools Community Resources, the wonderful people there have been booking the animals and I for years now.  I was looking for ways to contact more schools and ran across their organization and contacted them.  They have been the best friends the animals and I have ever had.
12)  Denver Public Libraries, I also contacted these nice people, and every couple of years several branches have us out to visit them too.  They are always really good about to  making sure that people know ahead that we will be there and the room is all set up and warm enough...
13)    Earnie H Meeks III, my son who brought home a baby bird  that fell from it'ss nest that we tried to save.
14)    Jasmine N. Holt, my oldest daughter who helped rescue and try to raise baby birds, and found and rescued a baby Beaver in Arkansas and got him to the right people to finish raising him there.
15)  Miranda L. Vinson, my youngest daughter who found an ill Raven and brought him home where we too care of him for several days till he was well enough to release back outside.
16)  Poet Lyon, a 5 year old girl who chose to ask her birthday party guests to give money to help me take care of the animals rather than getting birthday gifts for herself!  Heroine of all the resptiles in my care here or in other locations!
17)  Gail Mead, rescued a young Tiger Salamander from a Magpie out in Evergreen, and brought him into Denver where she spent time searching for help for him, and trying to get him identified.  I picked him up and treated his injuries, he is recovering nicely so far thanks to her heroic efforts on his behalf.  There is no substitute for caring!