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NOTICE:  Due to car problems which I can not at the moment afford to repair I do not have transportation to actually do any reptile programs.  At the moment it looks like it will be Spring before I can afford to do the necessary repairs.  Please check back here as often as you like for updates.  As soon as I do get the car back in reliable order I will start posting calendar pages here again so that you will know that bookings are possible.  I will also remove this notice at that time. 

     I do not have, and do not keep and do not
even work with any venomous animals.
     Also any animals that the City I live in
has listed as being illegal to keep in said
City I do not keep in said City.  Any animals
illegal by size or by species that I work with
are kept in other Cities or in unincorporated
areas where said animals are not illegal to

E-mail is preferable I work 8pm-6am and sleep during the day unless otherwise booked.  IF you call please do NOT call before 2pm.

(720) 495-2651


Serving the Denver Metro area since 1996!