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Andre's Amazon Party Supplies!

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PARTY: Games!

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More new games coming soon!

     "Stick the Tail on the Snapping Turtle"!  Played in the tradition of pin the tail on the donkey! 
     Game includes:
1) durable hand painted snapping turtle complete with tail and suitable for decorating a wall just as he is.
2) set of 5 additional tails in various colors.
3) 1 package of sticky tac, acid free and safe even if swallowed, doesnt stain walls, and easy to remove so it wont get stuck in your carpet, for mounting turtle and sticking tails onto him with.
     This game sells for $10.00 each
     Children and blind fold NOT included.  :)  Standard bandannas make good blind folds though!
     NOTE:  Additional sets of 5 tails may be purchased if desired.  Each additional set of tails is available for $3.00.


     Lizard or Turtle Egg Hunt:  This game comes with 12 plastic eggs each containing a plastic toy lizard.  This game is played in the tradition of Easter Egg Hunting!  It is designed to hide the eggs and let each child find 1 egg.  Whether you hide all the egss and have one hunter at a time or hide one egg and let the first hunter hide the next up to you.
     Game includes:
1) 12 plastic eggs
2) 12 small plastic lizard or Turtle toys
     Each egg already contains a lizard or Turtle so that each party guest will automatically get a prize when they find their lizard egg!
     This game sells for $10.00 each
     This game is not recommended for children under 5 years old since the lizards could pose a choking hazard for smaller children. 
     NOTE:  Additional sets of 5 eggs with lizards or Turtles  may be purchased for $3.00 per set.


Frog Toss!
     Game includes:
1) 6 brightly colored rubber frogs
2) 3 graduating sized foam lilly pads
3) 1 blue vinyl unrollable "pond"
4)  1 foam sticker marker to stick to the floor for the contestants to stand behind
5) 1 game storage bag with snapping handles

     The object of the game is to set the lilly pads on the "pond" largest closest to the childrens toss mark, then the middle sized lilly pad goes to the right and further back and the smallest one goes to the left and furthest back on the "pond"  Each child get a try with each frog, so 6 tries.
          This game sells for $10.00 each.