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Andre's Amazon Party Supplies!

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(Andre's Amazon's Official Newsletter Page!)

     I do not have, and do not keep and do not
even work with any venomous animals.
     Also any animals that the City I live in
has listed as being illegal to keep in said
City I do not keep in said City.  Any animals
illegal by size or by species that I work with
are kept in other Cities or in unincorporated
areas where said animals are not illegal to

     I offer two different sizes of Birthday Party Programs:
1)  The primary one is 45min-1hr long and includes 6 animals of your choice from among those available at the time.
2)  Is 20min -30min long and features only 3 animals.  This one is a preset group of animals you do not get to choose from. 
     As you might suppose, thee is a notable price difference between the two programs.  However since the price depends not just on the size of program but the trael distance as well, I can not put a price quote in here.  
For further information please call or e-mail me
(720) 495-2651 
     Iam currently working on finishing details of a new Party Mask,  this one will be added to the Mythological Creatures page, it will be called "Tree Spirit #1" since there will be additional Tree Spirits added later.
     In the next few days I hope to be able to get photos of the first of the line of stamped paper gody bags up on the Goody Tote page.  The first ones are: Dolphin, Frog, Snake, and Tarantula.  I will add more designs to this variety later on.  The paper bags while not party favors themselves since they are disposable, are larger and can hold more other goodies.  The design is just a single color stamped print.  I designed and made the stamps myself.  
     Coming soon:  photos of the new cloth goody bag designs: alligator and komodo dragon!
     NEW!  The Lizard Egg Hunt game is now available as Turtle Egg Hunt as well!  Same price...I will have a photo up soon.
     I am also working designing some additional name tag styles.  Watch for animal head shapes in the not too distant future!  The first designs for this will be Dragon heads!

(This section is devoted to news specifically reptile related)
     An important note to all Colorado residents:  Each City here has it's own laws regarding what species of reptiles may andmay not be kept.  Please either visit your local Library or chcek oline in your City government section under animal related laws.  Itis usually easiest to look this up on the animal control websites.  If you already have an animal that is not legal where you live you MAY in SOME Cities be able to obtain a special permit, otherwise you will eihter need to relocate to an animal freindly City, get rid of your pet, or hope that the wrong people never find out you have it and turn you in.  Some Cities relocate the animal others kill them out right, and fine you!

E-mail is preferable I work 8pm-6am and sleep during the day unless otherwise booked.  IF you call please do NOT call before 2pm.

Barbara A Huggins
(720) 495-2651