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Quick Tips for home treatment!

NOTE:  If you have a problem and are uncertain whether it can be treated at home, and do not see information about it below please do not hesitate to contact me andask, some things I may simply not have thought to add here or had tome to, and I am always happy to help you help the animals if I can, and to help you to know whether you cna save money on a vt bill while doing so.

Sometimes things may be minor and if caught and treated soon enough may save you a trip to the vet!

     MOST things can be avoided if you have the right knowledge and living conditions for your animal from the start.  But there are a few things that happen sometimes that are minor and can be treated fairly simply and inexpensively at home IF you catch them early enough.  Here are some of those things and what to do about them.  REMEMBER though that if these treatments do not show results as soon as stated you MUST take your animal to a qualified reptile veterinarian immediately!

Section # 1: SNAKES!

Rodent Bites:

     Better avoided by feeding only pre-killed prey BUT, if your snake is bitten by their food it is important to treat the injury no matter how small it may appear to be, because the saliva of rodents contains things that can kill your snake. Rinse the affected area with "Betadine" in water. It should be the color of weak tea. Let it dry and then put either triple anti-biotic ointment or "Silvadine" ointment on it. This should be done at least once a day until the wound is completely healed. If there is ANY sign of continuing irritation, or failure to begin healing, take the animal to a qualified reptile veterinarian IMMEDIATELY!

Section #2: LIZARDS!

Trouble Shedding:

     Sometimes Lizards have a little trouble shedding the skin on their fingers and toes, the tips of their tails and spines along their backs for those that have them. To prevent this mist them daily with warm water in a plant misting bottle, and keep a heating pad under their water dish or a heat lamp over it to increase the humidity in their habitat.

     To help them when they are already in trouble: and this is necessary because other wise they can lose fingers and toes..., the easiest and safest thing is to gently smooth a little mineral oil or anti biotic ointment on the places where the skin has not come off, this will soften the dried skin so that they can more easily remove it, and you can also help them remove it carefully once it has had time for the moisture to soften it well (usually a couple of hours).

Section #3:  TURTLES!

Eyes Swollen Shut:

In general if the turtle no matter it's species has the right amount of heat and humidity, a UVB light and the right diet this should not happen. 

     BUT if their eyes are swollen shut and they have not been injured use eye drops on their eyes 2-3 times a day.  If it does not clear up within a week's time take them to the vet.  Do NOT use medicated human ones.  You can either use some made for the animals or plain human ones.