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Local Reptile Veterinarian Listing:

These are local area veterinarians in the State of Colorado who are qualified as Reptile Veterinarians.  If you know of good qualified ones not listed here please e-mail me their names and numbers...

Many vets are NOT qualified to work with these animals so PLEASE be careful.  The vets listed below are alll supposed to be able to do this correctly.  However the only one I can PERSONALLY vouch for is the one in blue.

Vets Name:           Clinic Name:                               City:           Phone:

Dr. Fitzgerald        Alameda East Vet Hospital          Aurora                        (303) 366-2639 

___________       Seven Hills Vet Clinic                  Aurora                         (303) 699-1642

___________       Stockton Pet Hospital                 ______                        (303) 985-7112

Dr. Bean                Rocky Mtn. Sm. Animal H.        Littleton                        (303) 347-2637

Dr. Cito                 Cherry Hills Animal Hospital       Greenwood Villiage       (303) 730-3248

Dr. La Bonde         Homestead Animal Hospital        Centennial              (303)771-7350


Alameda East Veterinary Hospital!