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A Few Things About Me

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My anubis
this is a picture that I drew on the computer of anubis(based off of a picture that my mother found)

My name is Miranda Vinson, I was born in Arkansas but have spent most of my life in Colorado. My life so far has been long and odd but good I suppose. As of this moment I'm in junior high school. I have two pet turtles, Rowan and Alerian, both are three toed box turtles. My sister brought them and gave them to me when she came and visited me a few months ago with my grandma from Arkansas. I haven't seen or heard from my dad since i was about 6 years old but it's just as well I suppose. I live with my mom and two of her friends. my sister lives with her dad in Arkansas and my brother lives with his best friend here in Colorado.

I made  this sight to explain a bit of what my life is like and to show some of my sories, art, and favorite pictures. my art name is gold dragon

Today's news

Today I am sick, I feel like I'm raosting alive. I have the windows open when theres snow outside and the fan on but still I am burning up. I changed my e-mail

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site at or Instant message me on Yahoo at golddragonartist if you can't contact me at the 1st mentioned address please e-mail me at

I hope that  you enjoy everything on my site and that I can answer any of your questions.