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Heres a taste of my writing

Raven’s Revenge


Her eyes burned red like glowing embers as she looked over her shoulder at Falander

"She had it coming you know..." he said

"You will pay for this you mother fucker!" she yelled at him as she turned her gaze back to her fallen sister, lying in her own blood, throat slit.

She looked back over to where he had been but there was nothing but the sound of his voice fading into the distance.

"We will meet again Raven. I assure you we will."

She leaned over her sisters lifeless body and her tears mingled with the blood. Vengeance was the one thing on her mind at the moment but for now she could only plan and wait for Falander’s return. Her eyes turned back to their normal stormy gray and she stood up. She walked over to a tarp and yanked it off of the old rusty motorcycle and draped it over her sister’s form.

             Nefarious's History                                                                                                                  I was 17, my best friend 4 of his other friends and I were all going out to a party. We partied like never before we drank and danced and acted like complete and total retards well the only one out of us that didn’t drink was my best friend Lenny, he was the driver. When the party was over, round 3 am Lenny got us all in the car to take us home. My house was the closest so he stopped there first. Max had to barf so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let him come in and use my bathroom. Ted and Raymond came in too to keep Max’s head from dropping in the toilet.

The guys got a bit too loud when they were laughing in the bathroom I guess cuss my little sister Sophie woke up. She was only 11 so I told her to go back to bed. She didn’t listen to me of coarse as most kids don’t. Instead she walked over to the bathroom which the door was still open to. She saw Max, Ted and Raymond all standing there drunkenly.


The horned horse                        I was on my daily walk on the road next to the meadow when I saw her. She was beautiful and very unique, her white fur glistened in the midsummer light, and her main blew in the breeze. I did not notice until a few moments later that she was no ordinary mare she had a horn upon her head. It looked as though silver and gold had been entwined together. Her eyes were the deepest blue you could imagine. Her hoofs were as black as midnight. I watched closer and harder. As she munched on the green clovers I noticed something even more astonishing she had young, only one, it looked just as its mother did.

I hope that  you enjoy everything on my site and that I can answer any of your questions.