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B. A. Velociraptor Art Gallery

Pencil, Ink and Charcoal sketches
Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles
Paintings on Canvass
Wood Burnings
Hand Painted Shirts
Miscellaneous Painted Items
Commission Price Charts
Examples in all mediums
Special Sales!
About the Artist

     To order a piece here or to commission a special piece please contact Barbara A Huggins (my art name is B. A. Velociraptor) at:
justicestormbringer  on Yahoo IM
(720) 495-2651
     I do NOT have the ability to place long distance calls with my phone service!  Sorry.

Short Eared Owl
Ink Sketch

Welcome to my art gallery.  Everything displayed on this site is my work.  With the exception of the Examples page and the Home page everything you will see here is available for sale.   

This Site Edited as of January 10th 2005!