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B. A. Velociraptor Art Gallery

Pencil, Ink and Charcoal sketches
Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles
Paintings on Canvass
Wood Burnings
Hand Painted Shirts
Miscellaneous Painted Items
Commission Price Charts
Examples in all mediums
Special Sales!
About the Artist

Commission Price Charts

     I work in Pencil, Ink, Charcoal, Acrylic Paint on Canvass or Sweat Shirts, Enamel Paints on Ceramic, and Wood Burning. 
     Work down in any of these mediums may be special ordered as a commisioned work.  For example a portrait of your pet or done from a specific photograph....
     Special Commissions are higher priced because they are far more specific works.  Non Commissioned works are all things I do and then offer for sale after ward purely on my own inspiration.
     I reserve the right to require up to 1/2 of the full price of Commissioned works in advance in order to insure that all supplies are available, as well as to insure that the buyer is sincere before begining the work.
     All orders and or purchases are NON-refundable.